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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Can't get off that Carer Roller-coaster...

Hi Guys, we're back on that roller-coaster ride yet again!

I thought Coo was doing a bit better but sadly, over the last few day's he's taken a bit of a tumble. The seizures are on the increase his concentration is shot to bits and he just wants to sleep...a lot!
I should have guessed the drug level was too high or he had a cough coming but no, I didn't connect it this time!
The blood results came back yesterday - our doctor phoned to say Coo's so far out of the safe range we can't continue on the current dose and need to cut the med yet again!
I guess it's a case of hanging on tight, riding things out and hoping for the best!

Enough of other news...

My plants are flowering so whatever they are they've got white flowers!
It's exciting! LOL I'll need to keep pottering around and see what develops next! LOL

Let's hope for lot's of sunshine to help them along! LOL

Why don't you try growing something in your own wee space, it's real fun and I can thoroughly recommend it as a happy diversion...well, it sure works for me!
Now where'd I put they wellies? LOL

Happy planting!

maz x


ladythinker said...

I look forward to seeing a photo of these white flowers to try and ID them.

At the moment I'm trying to grow extra shrubs from cuttings as have lost a few less than hardy plants to the snow and frosts. What happened to global warming and planting desert drought loving plants??!!

Sorry about Coo . . .Just hang on tight to the roller coaster and lets hope you're soon soaring on the up again.

maz said...

Cheers, we're still hanging on in there!
maz x