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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Thoughts on 'Bedroom Tax'...

Hi guys, just why does this worry me so much, that I use precious respite time, (a rare comodity)  and campaign to stop the 'Bedroom Tax'?

Well, firstly, it's so very wrong!

 For the last few months the media in our country, aided and abetted by our own government have mounted a campaign of their own against the poorest and most vulnerable members of our communities.
All people on benefits, working or not, have been pushed into the one category and a 'them and us' mentality has been fostered and encouraged!

Our communities have been encouraged by both government and the media, to adopt a derisory and divisionary stance, you're either a scroungers or a striver and...that's the pleasanter side of Britain's Welfare Reform.

What about Carers then?
I for one, object to being labelled - we'll call it 'Economically Inactive' - I hate the scrounger label!
Carers are not unemployed, they're very much employed, providing care around the clock for severly disabled family members. We're not economically inactive either as we're saving the NHS, tax payer and State, Billions every year!

If we could downsize, we would! Our home has been adapted and we're not under-occupied, not in the real sense of the word! All rooms are being used by us and our over-night PA's.
They provide care for Coo and allow three precious nights undisturbed sleep for me every week, to enable me to keep caring the rest of the time!
This house supports the assessed needs for both Coo and I and it would cost thousands to adapt another property but more to the point, we need the space just to cope with the disability!

What choices do we have? - none!
We need to pay, we'll have to find the money - we must!
In our modern times - 'Heat or Eat' is so very much alive and that is the biggest shame of all!

I hope you're hanging on in there and managing to cope,
Stay strong!
Maz x

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