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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Carers Strategy...

Hi guys, I've been out visiting with my Local Authority again!

This time, it was around their new Carers Strategy.
I was speaking to a group of social work managers and office bearers about good practice and good news surrounding our personalisation care package. I shared a bit about my caring role and both Coo and I's SDS journey so far - it's been a bit of a long and winding road!

I actually directed them here to the blog! I told them about the issues we had while setting up our current care package and that when we finally finished the RAS (resources allocation system), we honestly felt we had reached RAS enlightenment!

My talk went down well and I hope having Carers on board at these strategy meetings will make it all real for the social workers and councillors involved in such an important decision making process.

I honestly feel, just as I do with personalisation and SDS, the Carers Strategy if developed appropriately, has the potential to offer real and vital changes for Carers and I guess that's why, I put myself out there when I can and kinda tell the people making the decisions just how it really is for Carers!

I find Case Studies tend to make more of an impact and don't come across as just words and if you have Carer involvement in there right at the start when they're writing the strategies in the first place.. all the better!

Keep strong and if you have the opportunity to influence the decision makers -  just go for it and tell them how it is!
Maz x

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