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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

That AED see-saw again...

Hi guys, we're back on that dreaded AED (Anti-Epilepsy Drug) see-saw yet again.

Too much drugs in the bloodstream mean yet more seizures and then there's an unexplained dip with not enough drug and that means even more of them!

It seems we just can't get a break these days so just like these wee frogs it's a continual up-n-down kinda thing this week!

Thankfully things seem to be settling a little so I think, at last, we're starting to come out the other side, well, I hope so!

The new personalised care system is now up and running.
It seems to be working out ok and even though it's early days, I think it's going to be a better system for us - woo hoo!
All we need now is Coo to settle a little bit more and then we can start working on getting fit!
This summer, we decided to buy some bicycles with an aim to improve our fitness but Coo's been so unstable recently we've not managed to sort things out yet. It'll be fun picking some new cycles. I think Coo will enjoy checking out all the details and me? Well, I'll probably just pick a girly purple or pink one! lol

I hope the weather holds out long enough so we can get out on a bike ride so...
Lets hope for some sunshine!
Happy days,
Maz x

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