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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Health troubles...

Hi Guys, it seems that more health problems are in store for Coo and I and it's a worry.

Remember a few months ago? When I mentioned Coo needed to have some biopsies done? Well, thankfully everything seemed to be fine and the problem definately wasn't cancer.  The problem is, things have not really improved much for Coo so he needs more tests...again!

We've struggled with this issue as it's been decided Coo will need a general anaesthetic and with sleep seizures nobody really knows what the added risks will be - not good!
Anyways, we're now waiting on some info. from Coo's neurologist before we decide on our next move.
It's worrying times and you can imagine Coo and I are a bit stressed about the whole thing! Although considering the latest health hassles, we're doing ok! There's more seizures due to the stress but we're holding it together!

Guess what?
This weekend is our wedding anniversary so we're going to celebrate a little - even if it's just out to dinner! Our wee grand-daughter (and her parents!) are coming for a visit too so that should cheers us both up no end and bring some smiles back!

I'm not really what I think of as the average granny, a bit like this one...

...but I must say I really love being a granny! It's great fun! lol

I've decided this week I'm not going to worry about the hospital stuff. I'm going to push it from my mind and enjoy some family time - everything else can just wait!

I hope where you are you're having some settled times!
Maz x

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