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Friday, 26 February 2010

Paddling that Carer boat hard...

Hi Guys, I don't know what exactly is wrong with Coo's meds but I only know he's no better. This week, we've been struggling or as I like to put it paddling our boat hard!
I'm ok, tired but ok and Coo?
Well, for a couple of hours in the morning he's pretty good but then he crashes and burns and the seizures begin.

It's a few months since I had to call the emergency doctors and tonight was the night! Coo began to seize every 10 minutes from 9:30 till quarter passed 11 and I was getting a bit anxious!
I always hate the vomitting seizures when they make an appearance,for some reason they bother me more than any other and I'm not really sure why, I think it's all the noise and choking they bring.

On the upside, we're seeing Coo's neuro in a few weeks so if our Doctor can keep a lid on things till then I'm sure we'll be fine!

I've a feeling it'll be a long night!

Never mind, Looby's coming tomorrow and I'll be footloose and fancy free for a bit - (shopping and lunch with my mum)! LOL

Let's hope the rain stays off for us and if least he could send us a nice rainbow, they always bring on a smile and make things feel brighter!

Incidently the snow's back here so those snow boots have been dug out again, I've certainly had my money's worth! LOL

Keep dry, snug and cosy where you are!

maz x

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