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Sunday, 4 November 2007

More equipment...

Hi, we're still battling on through the latest chest infection!

I think we're over the worst of things now as the seizures are settling a bit (10-ish a day).
I had to speak to the O.T. at Social Services again as we're needing another alarm as Coo's taken to wandering and bouncing around the place during seizures so his bed alarm isn't enough to cope with things.

There's always something isn't there?

Luckily I have the Net to find out what's on the market!

I went to easylinkuk - where our bed seizure alarm came from and found one that would help.
It has an infra-red beam that will activate and let me know if he gets outta bed.
Hopefully there'll be no more skydiving down stairs at 3 in the morning!

I like this company as their equipment is reasonably priced, they know what they're talking about and don't try to make you buy more than you need!!

Our O.T. is working on this a.s.a.p. so hopefully things can be contained till it's sorted out.

maz x

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