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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Busy week Carers, Welfare Reform, Anniversary and PPF...

Hi guys yet again it's been a busy week!

Coo's just Coo - seizures and sleepy but still strumming happily along - he's been back on his guitar this week so things are surely on the up!
I've been out and about again!
PPF -  (NHS Patient Participation Forum)
On Tuesday I met a new group, our local PPF - well, it's not really a new group, I've been involved with them online for years but this week I met up with them face to face!
It was interesting and informative and as always, the real value is in sharing information and experiences. I really felt it was worthwhile being involved  - it's important people have a voice and raise issues and challenge where necessary.
Welfare Reform -
The latest Welfare Reform session for the Scottish Government conducted with researchers from Napier University went well. Sometimes it can be difficult sharing information, it's not always easy to open the box and examine things fully.
Health difficulties, disabilities and the current changes and challenges in our welfare system have brought their own brand of stresses for many disabled people and Carers and Coo and I are no exception!
It's really why I agreed to be involved with this three year project in the first place! It's important! I truly feel the research collected, will properly document just what did happened to the most vulnerable people in our society during one of the most turbulent and divisive periods in recent times and...I for one, want a proper record, taken from ordinary people and in their own words, accurately recorded!
We must all stand together and speak out strongly, whenever and wherever we can!
Happy news this week too...

It was our wedding anniversary this week. Thirty-one years - just where does the time go? lol
The weather was fine and bright so we decided to hop on a ferry to Arran...
It's a wonderful place for a visit and at any time of year! From museums, hill walking, cheese tasting and whisky distilling it's got the lot!
Just like Wallace and Gromit...we had a grand day out!
We sure had fun this week, I hope you have a wee bit fun too!
Maz x

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