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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

#2 Carers Rights Day...What's changed this year?

Hi guys, looking back at my 'Carers Rights Day' post from last year...
Has anything changed?
It's all still so very relevant and in some areas yes there's been changes but in so many important ones I'd have to say no!
SDS (Self Directed Support)
Our SDS care package, is still working well and for us a lot of the uncertainty, stress and struggles with the practical side of caring have been reduced and we're so grateful for the help and assistance we have but I'm very conscious, it's not so for most Carers and on that front I fear, this year there has been little movement.
DWP Welfare Reform
The issues surrounding Carers and Welfare Reform are still very much a worry for disabled people and their Carers and with the push continuing to hurt the most vulnerable in our society it seems likely this suffering is set to continue and isn't that a depressing thought!

I have really tried this year, tried to make sure Carers voices are heard and in the places where policy is influenced and made! For now, I really feel that's the only way we can begin to make any positive moves for change - so be it, Summit, Conference, policy or board meeting, I've pushed the real issues Carers face, in hopes those who make law and can positively influence things will understand and make the necessary changes!

Stay strong my friends, better days must surely be coming!
Maz x

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