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Thursday, 8 May 2014

SDS, Sleep and Struggle...

Hi guys, it's all still a bit of a struggle here!

We're only just touching afternoon and already my thoughts are returning again to sleep! Where Carers are concerned, I bet I'm not alone in that one!
Sleep is such a valuable commodity for Carers. In fact it's the key to surviving and the difference between drowning and reaching a happy shore, so to speak!
You can probably tell, Coo's antibiotics have not kicked in yet. It's seizure city here and there's been no let up. I'm monitoring things, pumping in the meds and still hoping for the best for a turn around soon...and there may well be! It's not unheard of for Coo to respond quickly and be fine really quickly too so...fingers crossed!

Being stuck in at home again, my thoughts have returned to what it was like before we had our SDS (Self Directed Support), care package in place and while it's still difficult now, even in crisis, it was a whole lot worse in those days! No sleep, no real help and a constant struggle bouncing (literally), from seizure to seizure and trying to hold it all together - it's a hard, difficult position and sadly one, a lot of Carers still find themselves and that is dire!
At least I know, however bad things are, at some point...I will sleep! and what a difference that makes, just to know if I can hang on today, tonight sleep will come!
I know most people take this most basic of human needs for granted but I also know, I'm one of the lucky ones as too many Carers are still struggling on alone and with little real respite! That's why I try to influence those in power, those who really can help Carers get a better deal - Carers don't want the Earth, they don't even want a whole lot really, they just want some basic kindness and a wee hand up...not a hand-out and there in lie's all the difference in the world!

I hope you are getting some rest and a little kindness where you are today.
Stay strong my friend.
Maz x

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