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Friday, 9 September 2011

Back from Respite...

Hi guys, I'm back from respite!
Things went well, Coo was no worse than usual and Looby coped just fine and best of all, I had a good few days away with my mum in...
Blackpool! Woo hoo!

I had been a bit unsettled before I left as Coo had some real problems last week but I'm pleased to say things went well and's all good! lol

The famous tower has a revamp!
Now just how cool does this look?

Impressed? I sure was as I tentatively stepped out! It's a very surreal feeling, I got a bit of a heart flutter standing right out there in the clouds! It's kinda un-nerving but certainly an exciting experience that's for sure - wow what a rush! lol

Respite, what does it mean for me?
Well, it's really a time to switch off from Carer responsibilities and just chill, please myself and generally enjoy the freedoms most people kinda take for granted!

I'm so greatful for the Direct Payment that makes it possible for my few precious days away and I guess it's helps that I know Coo's in good hands with Looby. It makes all the difference in the world and means I can relax and get a real benefit too!

You know what?
I love that little bit of me time, It reminds me to look after me too and with that thought...
Here's some Blackpool rock just for you!

Please remember to look after you too!
Maz x


Frugaldom said...

Really glad to hear that you managed to get a few days away and are feeling good about having taken them. That little bit of 'me time' is needed, so well done you and well done to all concerned for making that possible. :)

maz said...