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Thursday, 12 February 2009

At last, the Carers curse is improving...

Hi guys, the dreaded shouilder pain that seems to be a problem for most Carers has been sorted!
Well, it's well on the way and at last starting to go!

I won't be sad to see the end of these...

Three years, nine Hydrocortizone jabs and some physio later...
I can honestly say I've turned a corner - thank God!

My shoulder pain is now much less than it was and what a difference in the movement!
I don't have tears in my eyes trying to brush my hair or put on a jumper and that's great!

I've 4 weeks of physotherapy and then a follow-up with the surgeon - whom I could kiss!

Not my pic I hasten to add - my glasses are more trendy!! LOL

Seriously, I'm really pleased with the progress just a week on, it's far greater than my expectations!

Coo's bloods for this week: well that's looking a bit more positive too, at 82 he's just outside the safe range but it's much better than it was.
I'm hopeful things will settle a bit.

Seems like everything's looking a whole lot brighter than they did a few short weeks ago let's hope it's catching and we Carers all find some improvements!

Bestest Wishes from a cheery, almost pain free and hopefully new improved!

maz x


Robert said...

That's the kind of cheery optimistic post I like to read 1st thing in the morning!

maz said...

Hi Robert, I'm pleased with thre progress...could you tell!! LOL

I popped over to your site and same the family pics!

maz x

wyn said...

Hi Maz,
sorry to be so tardy.
I only just saw you response to my blog (Ponderer) about being a carer
I have listed as a follower of your blog and will enjoy keeping up.
My husband has Parkinson's disease
and also diabetes. He needs a lot of attention now his weight is down to half what it was and he doesn't walk well.