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Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Hi guys, this week was Coo and I's silver wedding.

It doesn't seem like we've been married 25 years I guess time just has a habit of rolling on! lol
I keep saying it's because we married young!
I sure don't feel like an old lady yet! LOL

Coo was well enough to go out for a bit and for once the weather behaved so we went to the park.

It was just so relaxing wandering in the park, kicking up the leaves and after that...well....

Cream Teas!


Later on our family came visiting with smiles, gifts and good wishes.

It was a real pleasant day.

It makes me smile to know after all this time we are both still so close...

Says it all really.....

Still the one!

Smiles and sunshiney thoughts,

maz x

1 comment:

Robert said...

You lovey-dovey types make me sick!!!

.....with envy!

Well done lasting out 25 years. Less and less people make the effort now, don't you think? (And this coming from a 3 times married bloke... Well, I'm making the effort, now.)

I'm looking forward to your 50th anniversary blog post now (lol)!