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Sunday, 1 February 2009

That Drug see-saw again...

Hi guys,we're on theat dreaded see-saw!

Coos blood test was dire on Tuesday his meds are too high...again!

The safe dose is between 40 and 80 and last time Coo's level was reading at 93!
Our G.P. wanted him to reduce his meds but he thought as he was already seizing too much he'd hold out hoping things would settle...they haven't.

This week his bloods showed another hike to 97 so our G.P. asked him again to reduce his dose.

Well...this week has been a bit dire.

At it's worst point on Thursday night, Coo was seizing every 20 minutes from midnight until 5-ish and we were both pretty much shattered!

It's been DVD's and duvets the last few days, I think things are settling a bit now thank goodness as we're back around the 10 a day mark!

Maybe tomorrow the rainy weather will be gone and we'll get out for a bit!

Here's hoping for some rainbows!

maz x

1 comment:

Robert said...

I hope things improve/stay stable from now on.