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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Caring easy?....Nooo sir-ee!

Hi guys, it's hard hat and flap-jacket time for us again!
We're back on the drug see-saw again - dose up and down trying to get some control!

Coo's Epanutin level (Anti Epilepsy Drug) has jumped from usually around the high end of safe at 80 to 108 for no apparent reason.
I'm not sure of anything that could have affected the levels as his white cells were fine so it's not infection this time. :?

I should have known there was a problem brewing as he's been a bit moody and his sleep pattern is shot to bits. Well, he sleeps a couple of hours at night and then on and off all day and with sleep seizures that's not a good set-up!

He's never really got back down to single figures since the last crisis and things have kinda stuck at around 12-15 seizures a day.

With this latest increase in activity, we've jumped back on that dreaded drug see-and cut back his dose in the hope things will settle a little bit.

Wish us luck,

I'm gonna need to borrow that hat again !

I hope things are on a more even keel where you are!

maz x


Robert said...

Caring has been anything but easy for me for the past few minths :( But I've had lots of good times, too.

I hope you do join the committee of Carers Scotland. I feel that you have a lot to offer!

maz said...

Hi Robert, I guess we've both had a bit of a rocky spot!
glad things are back on the up!

maz x