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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

where's the sun gone?

Ah well, I guess the bubble had to burst sometime - the sunshine's gone today and the rain is back with a vengeance!

I could have been doing with one of these outfits! lol

Well it was nice while it lasted and who knows maybe Mr Sunshine will be back! lol

Pardon the pun - every cloud has a silver lining and the upside is, Coo is feeling a bit better now the temperature has dipped a little so everyone's a winner on that front! LOL

Last nights wee club was brilliant, for those who don't know both Coo and I help run a wee group for adults with learning or physical disabilities.
Anyway, last night we had a colouring-in session and it was brilliant!

You forget how much FUN activities like that are when you've not done them for a while and it's great to have the excuse to step back in time for a bit and scribble away to your hearts content! LOL

First prize?? pick of the choccy biscuits and a medal - chocolate of course! lol

It is fun just to chill and switch off for a bit isn't it?
I guess it strengthens you up for the next on-slaught! LOL

I hope you've got your colouring pens and crayons at the ready where you are - go on you know you want to! LOL

Happy scribbling!

maz x

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