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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Busy week...

Well, I've been busy!!

Thankfully, Coo seems to be over the worst of his viral infection so things are a little bit more settled for the minute anyway, he's still seizing pretty bad but it's cope-able!

My training for benefits advice? well it's all done and dusted!
I've filled a few D.L.A. forms in for some people already so I think I'm going to be busy!

I also managed a day out with the Carers too!

On Tuesday, 14 Carers went across on the ferry to Arran, it was gorgeous, the weather held out and the sail was a treat!

While on Arran, I got to visit -Arran Aromatics... They make lovely soaps and perfumes and they've got a viewing window in the shop area so you can see just how soap is made - Cool or what? LOL

The cheese factory sit's right next door so of course we had to go 'sampling!'

I never knew you could get so many different kinds of cheese, there were an array of smells and colours to pick from!

I tried a chilli and a garlic one with a real smokey flavour to it and very nice it was too although I drew the line at one cheese called the 'Stinking Bishop' I think that's taking things just a touch too far!!

After all that cheese, where do you think we went next....?

Arran Distillary!
The whiskey place and before we go any further, I'll admit I don't touch alcohol as, to be honest, I've never really liked the taste much.

The tour was brilliant, if a little sniffy at times although the others who do take a wee taste on occasion assured me the place smelled BRILLIANT!
I must admit I was really impressed about the whole thing, it's really interesting all the processes that need to be done to get a bottle of whiskey, I would never have guessed how complicated it was!

After the tour everyone got a taste of a few of what my granny calls the 'nippy sweetie' itself, a 12 year old malt and some blended ones. I had a tiny taste on my lips but I guess it's just not for me but it sure was fun finding out how it was made!
Without our Direct Payment I'd never have been able to go at all and would have missed all the fun!

All that excitement this week and back to reality with a bump:

It's Flu Jab time!

maz x

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